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Wholly-owned Subsidiaries

Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited
In full recognition of the importance of data security for businesses of all sizes, Tradelink has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited, to provide customers with security solutions and services supporting electronic transactions and applications. Digi-Sign is the first and only commercial company granted recognition as a certification authority in Hong Kong under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (ETO) issuing digital certificates for the purpose of providing a secure and trusted environment for the conduct of electronic transactions in Hong Kong.

Since commenced operations in 2000, Digi-Sign has issued over 1,000,000 digital certificates, for use in the Government Electronic Trading Services and various e-commerce applications. Besides providing digital certification services, Digi-Sign has also extended its business to online / mobile security solutions supporting identity management (IDM) for mitigating identity fraud and as effective mechanisms to address personal identity-related regulatory requirements on financial activities.

Given its proven track record, Digi-Sign is well positioned to provide not only digital certification services to Tradelink's customers, but also, various security solutions and services for government agencies and banking and financial institutions.

Digital Trade and Transportation Network
Digital Trade and Transportation Network (DTTN) is a state-of-the-art electronic logistics platform, facilitating information flows among the trade, logistics and finance industries with the objective of enhancing the efficiency of business transactions throughout the whole supply chain.

DTTN is owned and operated by Digital Trade and Transportation Network Limited. It is generally acclaimed as one of the key initiatives to maintain and enhance Hong Kong's logistics competitiveness throughout the region and worldwide.

Tradelink E-Biz Secure Solutions Limited
In 2013, Tradelink set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Tradelink E-Biz Secure Solutions Limited (TESS), which specializes in the development and provision of online / mobile secure payment solutions and services that support credit card and e-wallet based transactions and also a wide range of value-adding applications that facilitate business operations of merchants.