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In accordance with the Import and Export (Registration) Regulations, Chapter 60 and/or the Industrial Training (Clothing Industry) Ordinance, Chapter 318, Laws of Hong Kong, every person who imports or exports any article other than an exempted article is required to lodge with the Commissioner of Customs and Excise an accurate and complete import/export declaration within 14 days after the importation/exportation of the article and pay the required declaration charges. Any late lodgement of declaration will result in penalty being imposed on the importer/exporter.

Import/export declarations can be lodged through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service provided by Tradelink.

Tradelink launched its electronic service for Import and Export Declaration in 1997, and now 100% of trade declarations are submitted electronically with over 53000 companies using the service on a regular basis for its convenience and efficiency.

Benefits of using Tradelink's electronic trade declaration service

Long Service Hours
7 days a week, 16 hours a day from 7 am to 11 pm
Simple Fee Payments
Payments are made electronically by monthly direct debit from customers' bank accounts
Versatile Tools to meet your needs
Customers can choose to use web-based forms or to install full-functionality software for the submission of trade declarations
Less Rekeying
Much of the information can be retrieved from stored databases, saving time and reducing the risk of error
Bilingual Option
Tradelink's software offers the option of making lodgements to government using both English and Chinese

To register for Tradelink's electronic Import & Export Trade Declaration service, please call Tradelink Sales Hotline at 2599 1700.

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