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Delivery Order Management System

Delivery Order Management System (DOMS) helps companies to optimize their delivery operations and provide visibility of the delivery status; thus enhancing efficiency and improving customer service.
Stable, robust and reliable service environment and platform
Designed for the delivery crew and Customer Services team to keep track of daily operation and ensure smooth operation of its delivery service.
Route Optimization
Optimal route planning based on pre-defined algorithm with real-time adjustment in light of actual circumstances.
Applicable use of mobile technology
Mobile technology such as GPS & APGS used for real-time 'track and trace' and visibility of driver and goods location. Essential information available for exception management in case of partial accept order, replacement order, return order and customer unreachable scenario etc.
High standard mobile security design
With access control of the mobile device and app/features on the device, our high mobile security design protects data loss and data privacy in case of loss of device.
User friendly mobile apps
Neat, user friendly and simple design mobile apps design that meets the operations needs of truckers.
Real-time electronic delivery confirmation
Signed and photographed proof of delivery provides proof of delivered and accepted orders.
Customized integration and services
Tradelink provides integration of a wide range of mobile devices, cellular networks and accessories based on business, IT and operation needs including handwritten signature (e-Signing) on device and operating system customization to confine the scope of user activities.
Plan effective and efficient delivery routes & schedules
Eliminate delivery paperwork and reduce errors
Provide accurate fleet tracking and delivery progress monitoring
Improve corporate image and customer service
Statistical figures for performance measurement and efficiency improvement
Streamlined operation flow to reduce job order cost
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