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Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the method to confirm a user's claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two or more different components. These components may be something that the user knows, something that the user have, or something that is inseparable from the user (something they are).

Leveraging on our experience in identity management, Digi-Sign offer an array of solutions using multi-authentication mechanism to process identification authentication and authorization transactions in the banking, financial and healthcare industries. Solutions can be flexibly deployed, either cloud-based or on-premises to meet operation needs of different businesses.

We provide a full portfolio of security solutions to meet enterprises’ needs on identity management, including:

Identity and authentication solutions
Digital certificates or one-time password
Mobile authentication
Biometric authentication
Token management solutions
Token assignment & authentication
Token delivery & tracking
Token inventory management
Digital signing solutions
Digital signature for workflow and authorization
Cloud-based or on-premises management
Provide trustworthy identity of users
Ensure reliable authorization from users
Secure document authenticity with e-signature
Reduce online fraud for high risk transactions
Streamline digital workflow for efficiency and compliance

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