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Shipment Management Service

Shipment Management Service (SMS) is a cloud-based solution which provides functions that facilitate shippers to process, manage and store shipping documents; and to exchange shipping documents with forwarders with the aim of enhancing operation efficiency.
Comprehensive core functions
The service facilitates management and unlimited storage of documents securely in the cloud; allows creation, searching and processing of documents anytime and anywhere; and provide built-in templates for common shipping documents.
Advanced module
Through interconnection with the platform operated by GLSHK (a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways), allow transmission of booking requests in EDI, Excel or Pdf format to forwarders and receive the latest shipment status information of air cargoes handled by CX/KA.
Single platform for sending bookings to all your forwarders
Regardless of whether and how your forwarder accepts electronic bookings, you can send / manage bookings (in EDI, Excel or Pdf format etc) to them through one single platform. If your air cargoes are handled by CX/KA, an added benefit is that you can receive the latest shipment status from the platform for better planning.
Data inheritance
The function facilitates the reuse of data in trade declaration and other business documents.
Eliminate paper storage issues
No fear of loss of data due to crashes of own system
Save time and effort on document retrieval
Avoid duplicate data entry with data inherent function integrated with Tradelink's applications

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