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Tradelink AMS / ACI

Tradelink's Automated Manifest Service (AMS) for US Customs/ Advance Commercial Information (ACI) for Canadian Customs offers a complete solution which shippers, carriers, and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) can use to submit cargo information to the U.S. / Canadian Customs Departments 24 hours prior to the lading of US-bound/ Canadian-bound cargoes at foreign ports.

Tradelink's AMS / ACI service facilitate shippers, carriers and NVOCCs in their compliance with the U.S. / Canadian Customs' 24-hour rule.
Interconnection with customs authorities
Interconnected with the relevant network/ system of the US /Canada Customs authority, the service facilitates the advanced electronic submission of manifest information of shipments departing from Hong Kong.
Comprehensive Features
Users can prepare and submit maritime cargo manifest information to relevant authorities in an accurate and timely manner using features such as e-mail notification, import/export interface, document amendment and move voyage.
Comply with U.S. / Canadian Customs rules 
Enjoy greater convenience with round the clock service
Ensure accuracy avoiding duplicate data entry

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