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Trader Documentation Service

Tradelink's Trader Documentation Service ("TDS") is an application framework for paperless collaboration among players in the supply chain. Applications supporting business processes such as Order Management, Freight Arrangement, Distribution, and Payment Collection can be implemented on the TDS framework. TDS extends the management control from internal Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") systems to the external business communities. TDS aims to improve the overall operational efficiency along the process in the supply chain and enable the trading communities to achieve better performance in reliability as well as scalability.
Familiar Excel interface
TDS adopts Microsoft Excel as its front-end tool for document preparation and user-friendly applications allow customers to prepare purchase orders, invoices, and packing lists etc. in an error free and timely manner.
Technical readiness
Since TDS is fully DTTN*-enabled, users of TDS are technically ready to connect to DTTN and all documents prepared in TDS can be sent to DTTN for format conversion (eg. from Excel format to EDI or XML format) as required by the recipients.
Shorten the lead time to market
Improve the quality of customer service
Comply with trade regulations and practice
Reduce operation cost

* For details about DTTN, please click here
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