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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a flexible solution designed for distribution enterprises and 3PL service providers to manage the end-to-end activities across the warehouses including goods receiving, storage, picking, sortation and dispatch, with an aim to enhance inventory accuracy, productivity, on-time deliveries, forecasting.
Support B2B and B2C operation
Tradelink WMS supports B2B and B2C distribution and fulfillment business. With its value-added services (i.e. e-shop), Tradelink can help customers to stand out in a commoditized logistics marketplace.
Document-driven workflow design
The automated document flow follows the established business processes; avoiding the need for users to change their entrenched work habits.
Support files in excel format
Users can directly import excel files (Advance Shipment Notice and Delivery Note etc) into the system without the need to work with a new user interface.
Auto cost calculation & estimation
With accurate charges on per client basis captured, Tradelink WMS can help users to enhance billing accuracy and profit margins.
Plugin module configuration
The plugin module can support export supervised warehousing and bonded warehousing activities.
Integration with other systems
Tradelink WMS is seamlessly integrated with other Tradelink services. With the data inheritance feature available, users can arrange shipment, prepare trade declarations and other business documents with ease and accuracy avoiding duplicate data entry. Tradelink can also provide third-party integration services to cater for individual business needs.
Affordable initial cost for core functions
Reduced inventory
Savings in labor cost and time
Improved space utilization
Higher productivity
Shorten order fulfillment times
Improved customer satisfaction

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