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With effect from 17th November 2011, use of Road Cargo System (ROCARS) of Customs & Excise Department (C&ED) for import / export road cargoes will become mandatory.

To help industry stakeholders comply with this mandatory requirement, Tradelink has launched its ROCARS solution that provides a convenient and effective means to submit electronic advanced cargo information (e-ACI), conduct bundling for ROCARS, view earliest allowed boundary crossing date & time and check consignment status upto goods crossed boundary, and prepare TDEC subsequently.

Tradelink also provides a value-adding SMS service for users of its ROCARS solution. Using this service, truckers will receive instant SMS messages on their mobile phones informing them of the status of bundling, relevant reference number and earliest allowed crossing time. Truckers can then act accordingly saving both time of shippers and truckers in informing and waiting the bundling status.

Benefits of using Tradelink ROCARS solution:

  • No ROCARS registration required
    Customers do not have to register with C&ED for ROCARS as Tradelink will act as their agent. Tradelink TDEC customers will have the ROCARS solution preset by Tradelink automatically.

  • Wide range of user solutions
    Web interface: Users can input data to create and submit e-ACI anytime and anywhere to C&ED via our user-friendly web interface with convenience.
    Client based solution: Customers who are currently using and are familiar with Tradelink ValuNet Deluxe software for TDEC can also use a similar client based ROCARS solution that meets their operation requirements.
    Direct integration: Users can prepare and submit e-ACI from their in-house system which integrates with Tradelink ROCARS interface.
    Customized solution: We also offer customized ROCARS-related solution to meet specific user requirements.

  • Flexible bundling options
    Web interface: With Customs Cargo Reference Number (CCRN) returned from C&ED upon submission of e-ACI, users can subsequently conduct bundling via our web interface anytime and anywhere.
    Quick bundling: Users can input all relevant cargo and vehicle information for e-ACI and bundling at the same time through our ROCARS solution for e-ACI submission and bundling in one single step.
    Phone-in bundling: Truckers directly call the Tradelink 24-hour dedicated hotline and provide CCRN and vehicle information to our experienced customer service executives who will conduct bundling/de-bundling on their behalf.

  • Accuracy and time saving
    With the data inheritance function available in our TDEC end user solutions, Tradelink TDEC customers can prepare TDEC from e-ACI with greater convenience and accuracy avoiding repetitive input of common data fields for ROCARS and TDEC.

To learn more about the functions of Tradelink ROCARS solutions and how they benefit your operations, please enroll Tradelink ROCARS Training Courses.

Click here to access Tradelink ROCARS Service.

Tradelink Sales Hotline: 2599 1700

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