Digital Warehousing Capabilities

Intelligent warehouse development

Digital Warehousing Capabilities

Intelligent warehouse development

Digital Warehousing Capabilities

Intelligent warehouse development

Digital Warehousing Capabilities

Intelligent warehouse development

Digital Warehousing Capabilities

Intelligent warehouse development

Warehouse digitalization is the future of warehousing

To keep pace with ever-evolving technologies and the advent of artificial intelligent, warehouse digitization has become the key for businesses not only to improve their bottom-line but also to maintain a strong competitive edge.

In this video, you can learn how:

  • Our solution helps digitalize your warehouse operations and management
  • Our solution leverages AI, big data and robotics to enhance your warehouse efficiency and productivity

Warehouse Management System

Intelligent management and execution of warehouse operations
  • Establishes a paperless and automated warehouse environonment powered by AI that facilitates the management and execution of warehouse operations
  • Enables real time visibility of inventory and operation status
  • Increases fulfillment efficiency
  • Improves inventory visibility and accuracy
  • Maximizes labor productivity and space utilization

Warehouse Execution System

Process and inventory control and governance
  • Connects warehouse management system and automated materials handling systems to orchestrate different islands of automation
  • Enables automated sortation and wave picking to support omnichannel fulfillment
  • Optimizes material flow and order fulfilment by ensuring the efficient use of automated equipment

Automated Material Handling

State-of-the-art material handling solutions to meet industry best practices of tomorrow
Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • Automated load carrier directed by a combination of computer software and sensor-based guidance systems with pre-defined paths
  • Provides safe and efficient movement of goods
  • Reduces operational cost through reduced labor and human errors
4-way Shuttle Racking System
  • Automated pallet shuttle moving in 4 directions to move goods within a high density storage area
  • Optimizes warehouse space utilization
  • Provides efficient storage and retrieval of goods
  • Automated sortation system to break large quantities of goods into individual customer orders through the use of light devices directing operators to sort items
  • Easy to learn and adopt
  • Offers 40% increase in sortation rate over paper-based or radio-frequency (RF)-based methods

Warehouse Design Consultancy

Best-in-class warehouse design to meet specific business needs
  • Analyses and evaluates the efficiency of existing warehouse operations and identifies optimization opportunities
  • Shares domain knowledge and industry best practices
  • Recommends desired warehousing models to support business development
  • Provides project management for warehouse transformation projects
  • Enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of existing warehouse operations
  • Addresses different warehouse revamp needs e.g. warehouse expansion, relocation to cater for new types of business

Your Warehouse
Digitalization Journey

Allured by the advancement of warehouse digitalization but is wondering how to implement such a project, check out the customer engagement journey from project initiation to deployment whereby we will offer you with our professional services. Let’s start!
Planning Phase
  • Identity your current challenges and gather requirements
  • Define project objectives and set project milestones
  • Conduct budget and resource planning

We possess in-depth supply chain domain knowledge across different industries and can share the industry best practice with you for reference.

Development Phase
  • Hold regular progress meetings on project development progress and synchronize your expected outcome as appropriate
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing before production

We have profound warehouse project management experience that can help to achieve your project goals and deliver the best project results.

Production Phase
  • Pre-production performance and service level tuning and checking
  • Deploy solution into production
  • Provide operational training and support to ensure smooth warehouse operation

We possess robust technical and hands-on operational experience in warehouse migration and upgrade, helping to ensure optimum warehouse operation efficiency.

Maintenance Phase
  • Set up health check and monitor ongoing performance
  • Identify areas for adjustment and enhancement

We provide customizable and compatible system for further adjustment and enhancement.

Success Story

Warehouse management system for one of the largest home furnishing and accessories retail chains in Hong Kong, with a multi-purpose B2B and B2C warehouse of 11,600 sq.m

Project Overview:

Tradelink provided its warehouse management system to one of the largest home furnishing and accessories retail chains in Hong Kong for the management of its thousands of inventory items across multiple locations in Hong Kong and China including warehouse, retail stores and e-shop.

Our WMS supports cross-docking, goods returned, multiple warehouses and warehouses/stores in-transit transfers to facilitate the management of tremendous SKU. The use of handheld devices also streamlines the put-away and picking process with operatives being directed around the warehouse in the most efficient sequence.

reduction on dead-stock rate
reduction on picking failure rate
  • Enabled the retail chain to extend business to e-Shop and support online order fulfillment
  • Improved inventory visibility and accuracy

Warehouse management system for a multi-purpose, multi-user bonded logistics centre in Yantian with warehouse of 43,000 sq.m

Project Overview:

Tradelink provided its warehouse management system to a warehouse at Yantian in mainland China. Our WMS enabled our client to plan warehouse operations, from storage planning to manpower deployment, in an optimal manner based on the computation using intelligent algorithms and real time warehouse inventory information. At the same time, warehouse floor staff can receive clear instructions from handheld devices connecting to the system.

reduction on billing handling time
improvement on data accuracy
  • Improved cargo visibility from vehicle gate-in to container return
  • Eased the workload of staff by eliminating manual operations