Identity management

Identify and verify individuals with advanced facial recognition technology

Tradelink's Facial Recognition Solutions identify and verify individuals by analysing and comparing one's facial features lively captured with digitally stored images.

AI-based accuracy and reliability

Real-Time Location System

Practical applications in different industries

Government and public sector

Facial recognition systems are used in many airports to monitor passenger flows. Some jurisdictions use the technology to identify people who are under criminal investigation or visa violators.

Business sector

Companies apply facial recognition access control to monitor restricted areas, and can efficiently track the attendance of thousands of employees.

Smart retail

Retailers apply facial recognition to serve customers more effectively. By adopting facial recognition technology, customer's information like age, gender and ethnicity can be collected for effective targeting in marketing campaigns. The technology can also be used to reduce in-store crime.

Robot shop assistants with facial recognition can recognise shopper emotions and alert human assistants when a helping hand is needed.


Facial recognition technology can be applied in clinics or hospitals to access patient's medical records, and to identify illnesses by looking at a patient's features. It helps to streamline the appointment process and reduce the waiting time.