Identity management

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates in HK

Tradelink's subsidiary Digi-Sign provides and supports globally recognised SSL Certificates in Hong Kong.

SSL is the standard security technology used by millions of websites (i.e. e-banking and online shopping) to protect online transactions. It ensures all data passed between a web browser and a web server are encrypted and confidential.

In order to generate a SSL secure tunnel, the web server requires a SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates are issued to organisations to ensure the identity of an organisation's website, allowing users to distinguish their websites from others engaged in improper, fraudulent or illegal activities; protect information in transit; and avoid financial loss or damage to the reputation of their business.

Digi-Sign provides two types of Super SSL Certificates:
  • Internet Server Certificate
  • Wildcard Server Certificate

Applications in many sectors

Banking and financial institutions
Public and educational institutions
Government agencies
Online businesses

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