Intelligent supply chain

TMS designed and developed for retailers Optimise your transport and distribution network with AI management

Driven by AI and data analytics, Tradelink Transportation Management System (TMS retailer module) dramatically enhances the efficiency of delivery scheduling, route planning and fleet management for retailers.

This video reveals how our TMS can

  • Make use of AI and data analytics to facilitate delivery scheduling and route planning and optimise vehicle usage
  • Enable track and trace of final mile delivery status and proof of delivery to evaluate the performance of logistics service providers
  • Improve the efficiency and transparency of delivery operations

Tradelink's complete transportation management solution

Transportation Management System

A transportation management system is used to plan freight movements, do freight rating and shipping across all modes, select the appropriate route and carrier, and manage freight bills and payments

Transportation Management System

Milestone Management

Track and trace key assets in real time

Transportation Management System

Final Mile Visibility

Real-time visibility of the final mile powered by AI and advanced analytics

Transportation Management System

Sign On Glass

Real-time proof-of-delivery to end customers

Transportation Management System

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