Trade compliance

Electronic Cargo Manifest (EMAN)

To comply with relevant legislations and subsidiary regulations of the Laws of Hong Kong, all cargoes imported into or exported out of Hong Kong via air, rail, ocean or river mode transport must electronically submit cargo manifest information and related documents to:

  • The Customs and Excise Department
  • The Trade and Industry Department
  • The Census and Statistics Department

Tradelink's Electronic Cargo Manifest (EMAN) service enables air, rail, ocean or river carriers to comply with these requirements.

Two types of EMAN supported

  1. Cargo manifest for Customs Clearance Purpose (Statement 1)
  2. Post-Arrival / Departure Cargo Manifest (Statement 2)

Document submission choices

Digital submission
  • LogiNet software
  • Direct integration with customer's backend system
Paper-to-electronic conversion service arrow_circle_right
  • Walk-in service at Tradelink Service Centres

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