Trade compliance

Optimise freight rate procurement via a bid-and-offer mechanism

Bid-and-offer platform allows shippers to submit Requests For Quote (RFQ) for sea and air freight, and service providers to submit offers in response to RFQs.

For shippers

Find reliable logistics service providers (freight forwarders / carriers), get attractive deals and process shipments swiftly and easily.

For logistics service providers

Cost-effectively reach new customers.

Tradelink Freight Quotation Service remove these pain points

For shippers
  • Time consuming to reach out to service providers and compare their offers
  • Lack of transparency on freight charges and miscellaneous items
For logistics service providers
  • Fierce competition and eager to reach more new customers
  • Container space is not fully utilised


For shippers
  • Obtain efficient and competitive offers from service providers
    • On average 4 quotes received in response to each RFQ
    • Up to 30% saving on freight charges
For logistics service providers
  • Identify target customers and connect to new business more efficiently and effectively

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