Government Electronic
Trading Services (GETS) by Tradelink

Tradelink facilitates the Hong Kong trading community to comply with relevant trade regulations. We pioneered GETS in 1997 under licences granted by the Hong Kong Government.

As a GETS market leader with the most profound domain knowledge, Tradelink also provides other trade compliance services that allow traders, shippers and logistics service providers to efficiently meet the regulatory requirements of overseas customs authorities.

Why 50,000+ businesses trust Tradelink

More experience than anyone

Since 1997, as the first licensed GETS service provider, Tradelink helps traders and logistics service providers in compliance with import and export trade regulations

Always available to help

We offer 24 Ă— 7 reliable customer support

ISO9001 quality certified
ISO9001 quality certified
HKQAA Service Quality Management
HKQAA Service Quality Management
Gold winner of HKCCA Mystery Caller Assessment Award
Gold winner of HKCCA Mystery Caller Assessment Award for 11 years in a row since 2012
Work the way best for you

With our sound domain knowledge and experience with a wide variety of industries and business sizes, we offer an array of solutions for you to choose to meet your requirements. Furthermore our solutions can also be customised to meet your specific business or system requirements

  • Electronic document submission via our secure online platform, dedicated software, or a customised solution integrated with your system
  • Paper document submission via our service centre network at 100 convenient locations around Hong Kong, or pick-up, postal or data entry service
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One-stop solution
  • We provide you with digital certificates via our wholly owned subsidiary, Digi-Sign for signing electronic messages, saving your time and effort to apply digital certificates separately from Hongkong Post
  • Provide one-stop services from trade compliance services to intelligent supply chain solutions to meet your needs on trade and logistics

Tradelink joins HKMA's CDI initiative HKMA's CDI initiative
as one of its pioneer participants to facilitate SME financing with proven customers success stories

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