Government and utilities

Digital efficiency for government and public services

We develop, deploy and support e-solutions that enable government organisations and utility companies to be more effective and responsive to the needs of society.

Since starting our operation in 1997, we have been instrumental in introducing digital solutions to the public sector. You can rely on us as your trustworthy tech partner.

Maximising digital efficiency in public services

We understand the needs of organisations that serve the public

Public service organisations have many opportunities to digitally enhance their operations.

We offer clear, objective, expert insights into your unique challenges and processes based on our deep domain experience.

Our valuable perspectives are informed by our understanding of many other industry segments.

Tradelink understands your pain points

We are familiar with the challenges faced by organisations offering public services.

  • Ensuring high security
  • Providing service access to all members of society
  • Managing documentation and risks of non-compliance
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Anticipating the needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Integrating internal systems with other parties' systems
  • Applying automation effectively

Tradelink helps you apply digital tools and technologies where they can achieve the best result.

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