Digital efficiency for retailers

We develop, deploy and support e-solutions that streamline retail businesses regardless of whether they have brick and mortar or online stores; offering them access to new opportunities.

Since starting our operation in 1997, we have introduced innovations that have created value for tens of thousands of Hong Kong and multinational businesses. You can rely on us as your trustworthy tech partner.

Maximising digital efficiency in the retail sector

We know how to add value to retail businesses

In recent years, digital innovations have offered exceptional opportunities to retailers.

Technology gives you access to new markets and multiple ways to make your operations more efficient.

We can evaluate your operations and offer clear, objective insights into where technology can give you the best ROI.

Our views are informed by our deep understanding of retail and activity in many other industry segments.

Tradelink understands your pain points

We are familiar with the challenges faced by businesses that engage shoppers.

  • Maximising customer engagement
  • Stock management and supply chain logistics
  • Supporting omnichannel shopping
  • Managing multiple payment options
  • Integrating internal systems with other parties' systems
  • Managing returns
  • Getting valuable business insights from data
  • Keeping up with ever-changing technology
  • ROI to justify new initiatives

Tradelink helps you apply digital tools and technologies where they can add the most value. The goal is to ensure you get the greatest possible return from your tech budget.

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