Tradelink Call Centre awarded Best-in-class Mystery Caller Assessment Award in "Commerce and Utilities" Category

Tradelink was honored to receive the Gold Award of the Mystery Caller Assessment Award in the Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards 2015 for four consecutive years. Even more encouraging was that within the "Commerce and Utilities" category, Tradelink stood out from other contestants and was awarded "Best-in-class" in that category. All the contestants are notable public utility corporations and leading companies in the commerce sector renowned for their professional customer service. We are extremely proud that our customer service was recognized by the industry peers as the best-in-class. Also our achievement of the Gold Award for four consecutive years demonstrates the continuous dedication of our management and front line staff to ensure delivery of top notch services to our customers.

As the first service provider appointed by the HKSAR government to provide Government Electronic Trade Services ("GETS"), Tradelink launched the first electronic service for the trade sector in 1997. Our frontline staff are in possession of requisite trading and technology knowledge to help customers submitting electronic documents to the relevant government departments.

Given the increasingly complex e-commerce industry with innovative technologies and growing demands of seasoned customers, Tradelink seeks continuous improvement and enhancement of our domain knowledge, IT expertise and infrastructure enabling the company to stay in the forefront of this challenging landscape. Today, Tradelink is more than a GETS market leader as over the years, we have also successfully gained reputation in the B-to-B e-services and online security business arena. At Tradelink, nothing is more important than gaining customers support and their trust. We are committed to continuously improving our service level to help "People Building Successful E-commerce".

Photo caption: Tradelink received the "Best-in-class" (Commerce and Utilities) & "Gold Award" in Mystery Caller Assessment Award.

More about Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards
Launched in 2000, the Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards aim to recognize the outstanding customer service representatives in the industry. As one of the most representative awards for service sectors in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards are widely regarded as the most authoritative industry benchmark for service excellence. In the Mystery Caller Assessment Award category, the participants were assessed against a set of stringent criteria over a 6-month period by mystery callers. Awards were given only to participants who consistently achieved high quality standards. The award winners included industry leading companies in different sectors, such as banks, financial institutions and public utility companies who are widely renowned in the market for their service excellence.