Tradelink Call Centre won the Gold Award for 5 consecutive years and Best-in-Class for 2 consecutive years at HKCCA Awards 2016

Tradelink was honored that our call centre received the Gold Award of the Mystery Caller Assessment Award for 5 consecutive years and "Best-in-class" in the "Commerce and Utilities" category for 2 consecutive years at Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards (HKCCA Awards) 2016. The awards were truly a tremendous encouragement for our continuous effort in pursuing service excellence and providing meticulous attention to the needs of our customers.

Since commenced operation in 1997, Tradelink has been serving almost the entire trading and logistics industry supporting them the use of electronic services for submission and exchange of electronic documents with Government and their business partners. At Tradelink, we put customers as our No. 1 priority. Our Call Centre performs the key function as a bridge between Tradelink and our clients. Possessed all-round knowledge and expertise on various aspects of e-services from business operation, IT / mobile applications and security, our Call Centre provides round-the-clock and year-round services to our clients in trade, logistics and financial industries. In participating in the HKCCA Awards, we aim to improve our customer service through benchmarking with the industry best practices locally and internationally. It was an enjoyable and useful learning experience inspiring us for on-going improvements and development.

Over almost 20 years of our dedicated work, we have gained our clients' trust enabling us to stand firm as the market leader of business e-solutions in Hong Kong. Going forward, we will continue our commitment to service excellence for our clients empowering them with business enabled e-solutions for their commercial and financial activities!

Photo caption: Tradelink received the "Best-in-class" (Commerce and Utilities) & "Gold Award" in Mystery Caller Assessment Award.

More about Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards
Launched in 2000, the Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards aim to recognize the outstanding customer service representatives in the industry. As one of the most representative awards for service sectors in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Call Centre Association Awards are widely regarded as the most authoritative industry benchmark for service excellence. In the Mystery Caller Assessment Award category, the participants were assessed against a set of stringent criteria over a 6-month period by mystery callers. Awards were given only to participants who consistently achieved high quality standards. The award winners included industry leading companies in different sectors, such as banks, financial institutions and public utility companies who are widely renowned in the market for their service excellence.