VSHIP conducted media briefing session on the latest developments of the platform

VSHIP held a briefing session last week for the media to share the exciting results of its recently launched air freight quotation service. VSHIP management introduced the background of VSHIP platform, its ocean and air quotation services with the latest results and future development plan.

All media are deeply interested in VSHIP as an innovative community logistics platform, in particular its automated shipment management and artificial intelligence quotation functions. They showed great enthusiasm by asking lots of in-depth questions and made extensive news reports after the session.

Impressive results from new Air freight quotation service
The newly launched air freight quotation response was very enthusiastic. Since rollout in mid-April, it not only successfully attracted quite a large number of new shipper registrations, but also generated more traffic on the platform. More sizable service providers were also attracted to actively participate in the bidding. Each RFQ received an average of 4.1 quotations, and some customers even received up to 8 quotations. Within one month of new service launch, VSHIP has successfully matched a number of air freight shipments.

Encouraging results from customers support
VSHIP currently has more than 3,000 registered customers and has successfully forged ties with some business partners. VSHIP has generated positive feedback from many customers since its debut. Some shippers have mentioned that they could enjoy more competitive prices, quality customer service, user-friendly and time-saving operations and greater operating efficiency. Service providers said that amidst intensified industry competition, the platform enables them to quickly explore new opportunities, effectively enhance their awareness and select customers who choose the routes in which their specializes. VSHIP will continue to listen to customers' opinions in order to enhance the quality of its solution.

Looking ahead, more value added services
To further strengthen the functionality of the platform to meet the market needs, VSHIP will introduce more new features in the future, such as domestic and cross-border goods transportation service, tracking and tracing of goods, online payment and settlement, thereby adding a new dimension to the logistics ecosystem.