Tradelink and Otto International extend their partnership

Tradelink is delighted that its long-standing partnership with Otto International (OI) has been extended for another four years. Over the years, we have helped OI to digitalize its shipping documentation process, bringing benefits to its hundreds of customers in Asia and beyond.

Since 2006, Tradelink has been providing a customized supplier / vendor management service to OI enabling this global sourcing giant to exchange shipping documents with all stakeholders in the supply chain ecosystem using one single online platform. OI now uses the service to connect to and communicate with over 550 customers/suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh and Turkey as well as other major sourcing markets in Southeast Asia.

Service benefits

  • Single point of access to documents allows regular shipment processes to be better integrated and eliminates repetitive day-to-day tasks. For example, suppliers can easily book shipments directly with forwarders through the system based on documents already prepared and stored.
  • Collection of documents forms the base of OI's Vendor Payment Service where OI serves as a go-between international suppliers and brands. With all relevant documents available on the platform, payment to the suppliers can be made in a timely manner through OI.
  • Shipment data, including vessel information and expected date of arrival, is directly uploaded by forwarders into the platform. This provides customers with real-time, accurate and easy-to-access information of their orders from one single location.

Looking forward, Tradelink and OI will continue to work together to explore how electronic data resources can be further utilized for more applications.

About Otto International:
Headquartered in Hong Kong, Otto international (OI) was founded in 1966 by the Otto Group, a German mail order company and currently one of the world's biggest e-commerce companies. OI is a one-stop-shop for first class global sourcing. For over 50 years, OI has been sourcing from all the major production markets in the categories Apparel, Shoes and Accessories as well as Home. Its client base has expanded across Europe, Asia and Africa.