Tradelink, Thales and Edvance co-hosted reception on "Enhance Data Security with Digital Signatures"

To help business professionals understand the benefits of digital signatures, Tradelink co-hosted a social hour reception with our hardware partners Thales and Edvance on "Enhance Data Security with Digital Signatures" on 29 June 2023. The event attracted participants from the healthcare sector including renowned private hospitals and medical groups, as well as the securities and auditing services.

Tradelink's Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Cheng and Senior Vice President, Project Implementation of Digi-Sign, Eve Chow, were speakers of the event along with another speaker from Thales. In his opening remarks, Andrew presented the various applications of digital signing across different industries and explained how Tradelink leverages our unique status through our wholly-owned subsidiary Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited as a Recognized Certificate Authority in Hong Kong to enable customers to perform secure and legally-binding digital signatures using digital certificates.

Diving deeper into the application of digital signatures, Eve presented Tradelink's Trusted Signing Solution that supports trusted remote signing in PDF format. She shared a successful case study of a private hospital adopting the solution to digitalize its medical-related documents signing workflow and facilitate the management of such documents for enhanced operational efficiency and data security.

The event aroused great interests from the participants in our digital signing solutions as questions were enthusiastically raised and discussed. As business activities perk up in the post-pandemic era, we look forward to organizing more events to meet our partners and customers sharing latest market and technological development and trends.