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We are delighted to work with Daon and Tradelink to continue innovating and to deliver a seamless and secure mobile experience, so that it's as fast and convenient as possible for our customers to take part in the excitement of the races via their own mobile devices.

Richard Cheung,
     Executive Director,
     Customer and International
Business Development of HKJC


  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club ("HKJC") is the oldest racing club in the region with a history of more than 135 years
  • HKJC has been a pioneer in using mobile technology to improve customer experience. It has been looking for a solution that enables the club to offer a fast and secure login to its mobile services including the mobile TV channel app and the Racing Touch app for its customers


  • With a huge customer base, HKJC required a solution that could support an exceedingly high user volume
  • Inconvenience and workload for both customers and HKJC in case customers had lost their passwords or forgotten the answers to their security questions. They would either abandon the app or phone HKJC's call centre for assistance


  • Leveraging our partner Daon's Fido-certified biometric authentication platform IdentityX, our solution enables HKJC mobile apps users to use fingerprint or facial recognition as alternative means to access the club's mobile services other than the traditional way of using username/ password and secret questions
  • Supports high volume of login requests simultaneously, delivering throughput for more than 1,200 authentications per second
  • Provides 7x24 local support to HKJC for the smooth and stable operations of the solution being delivered


  • Significantly shortens user login process that once a 30-second login process can now be completed in less than a few seconds
  • Provides a private and secure login option while enhancing the user experience at the same time which helps HKJC to attract new customers from a younger demographic
  • Reduces HKJC's operating cost in providing support for customers who forget their login credentials
  • Reduces HKJC's security and privacy risk as users' personal biometrics are stored on their own devices instead of being transferred to or stored by the club or solution provider

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