Government & Utilities Intelligent Supply Chain


  • Handling of chemical and clinical waste in Hong Kong is subject to strict legal controls. A paper-form trip ticket system was adopted by the EPD to monitor the consignment of waste from waste producer, via licensed collector, to final disposal site for proper treatment
  • To increase enforcement efficiency, improve data accuracy and save manpower, the EPD decided to digitalize the tracking process and introduce an electronic trip ticket system
  • Tradelink was awarded a contract in May 2020 for the "Provision of Service for an Enhanced Tracking of Chemical Waste and Clinical Waste Consignment"


  • Data in the paper-form trip ticket submitted by the three parties were required to be inputted into the EPD's waste tracking system on a regular basis
  • Due to the time needed for manual data entry and typographical errors, the paper-form practice could lead to late, missed or false prosecution of improper handling of chemical and clinical waste cases


  • Built on our Transportation Management System, the Waste Consignment Management System developed and provided by Tradelink digitalizes the EPD's paper-based trip ticket system and provides real time trip ticket data capturing through a web-based system with the use of smartphone application and smart cards
  • Allows data exchange with the EPD's computer system which enables the EPD officers to have a real time overview of waste tracking and monitoring with easy access
  • Provides continuous operational support to over 40,000 users of the system including waste producers, collectors and disposal sites


  • Saves EPD manpower and time on processing tedious paperwork
  • Improves chemical and clinical waste consignment visibility and data accuracy
  • Enhances enforcement efficiency