Retail Intelligent Supply Chain


  • Our client is a leading supermarket chain operating over 200 outlets in Hong Kong
  • Collaborated with our hardware partners, Tradelink provided warehouse automation solution for use by our client at its 33,000 square meter multi-purpose ambient warehouse to support 7x24 operations for goods delivery to its 200+ outlets
  • The project was one of the largest-scale warehouse automation project in Asia outside mainland China


  • As one of the largest and busiest distribution centres in Hong Kong, our client's warehouse operations before automation required an immense amount of manpower and experienced workers
  • Due to the demanding warehouse working environment, our client has always faced issue with manpower shortage in particular skilled labor
  • Due to the high rental cost, our client wished to streamline the warehouse processes for their Fast Moving Consumer Goods and achieve zero inventory to maximise warehouse space utilisation
  • Facing growing competition from online shopping, our client has been looking for ways to improve the productivity and accuracy of its warehouse operations to maintain its competitive edge
  • Throughout the project implementation period, its existing operations cannot be disrupted so as to meet their daily business needs


  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, our solution reengineered each and every work process of the warehouse from goods receiving, put-away and storage, order picking to shipping
  • Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) serves as the mastermind to plan, guide and control manual operations as well as different automated material handling equipment provided by our hardware partners including:

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
    • Automated load carrier directed by a combination of computer software and sensor-based guidance systems with pre-defined paths
    • To handle bulky goods and achieve goods-to-man picking

    4-way shuttles
    • Automated pallet shuttle moving in 4 directions
    • To handle the put-away and retrieval of goods within high-density storage according to their expiry dates and importance

    Put-to-light systems
    • Automated sortation system through the use of light devices
    • Integrated with conveyor belt to achieve goods-to-man picking

  • With the use of customised handhelds, warehouse operations can be updated real-time to the computer system to enhance inventory visibility and facilitate management
  • Tradelink acted as the overall Project manager to oversee the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of the solution


  • Daily warehouse daily throughput is doubled
  • Goods-to-man picking performed by AGVs significantly reduces manpower requirement
  • Tedious picking process is simplified and picking failure rate is significantly reduced
  • High-density storage supported by 4-way shuttles helps to save warehouse space
  • Enhance inventory visibility and warehouse efficiency