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  • Our client, China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited ("CMHK"), is one of the mobile network operators possessing the most frequency spectra resources in Hong Kong
  • In view of its fast-growing 5G network and home broadband businesses, CMHK wished to enhance the productivity of its equipment warehouse which supports the maintenance work of its base station facilities around Hong Kong


  • With a labour- dependent operation, CMHK’s equipment warehouse generated massive amount of paper documents every day. Such practice was inefficient and prone to error
  • Though there are a number of different parties involved in its day-to-day warehouse operations including internal engineers and external contractors/suppliers, CMHK did not have a standardized system to connect these users for synchronized warehouse information. This caused a waste of time and efforts on back-and-forth offline communication
  • Due to the lack of digital records on goods inbound/outbound, it was difficult for CMHK to monitor and control work progress and inventory status at the warehouse.


  • Tradelink provided CMHK with a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS), coupled with the use of mobile applications, handhelds and QR codes, to digitalise the management of warehouse operations
  • Connecting different users through a standardised platform, the WMS enables warehouse operations and inventory status to be updated in real time for different users to access
  • With the implementation of online approval, CMHK can achieve better control over its warehouse operations.


  • Established paperless warehouse environment that minimizes human errors
  • Introduced a centralised system that enhances the transparency of information and controls over warehouse operations and inventory status
  • Time for stock-taking and goods pick-up scheduling is significantly shortened with the use of handheld devices and centralised system during inbound and outbound workflow
  • Warehouse productivity doubled due to digitization and streamlined workflows