Government & Utilities Intelligent Supply Chain

Solution Overview

As our first project in the recycling/environment protection industry confirmed in late 2019, Tradelink was appointed by a Government WEEE recycling contractor to develop a Transportation Management System (TMS) /Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution to enhance its existing WEEE collection tracking system to meet the regulatory requirement of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD).

Leveraging AI and data analytics, our TMS integrates with the client's ERP system and enables the client to optimize its fleet scheduling and routing based on pre-defined algorithm with specific parameters such as parking height and road load limit to handle up to 1,000 WEEE collection/delivery orders a day. Our TMS also features a sign-on-glass module to provide proof of collection/delivery of items and a track-and-trace module to track items' location and status in real time via mobile application while the WMS module facilitates inventory management. The lifecycle information of WEEE items captured in the system can be used to compile detailed reports to meet EPD regulatory requirements.


  • Optimises fleet utilisation and WEEE collection/delivery efficiency
  • Enhances fleet operation visibility and tracking performance
  • Improves data management and reporting capability

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