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We have witnessed the development stages which Tradelink has gone through, from having just one end-user software to offering a series of electronic services. Although our days in battling with our licence application submission are gone, I still have vivid memory of how hard Tradelink worked with us to iron out the glitches during those early days of service launch.

Rose Knitting

Service Overview

Established in 1990, Rose Knitting (Asia) Limited ("Rose Knitting") engages in the manufacture and sales of knitting products which are mainly exported to Western Europe and North America. It was among the first batch of users of the electronic Restrained Textile Export License (RTEL) service*, the first Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) launched by Tradelink in 1997. Apart from RTEL, Rose Knitting is also user of Tradelink GETS including Import & Export Trade Declarations (TDEC) and Certificate of Origin (CO) until today.

As a licensed service provider of GETS, Tradelink provides user-friendly interface to Rose Knitting for the electronic submission of trade documents to the Government, delivering acknowledgment / response messages from the Government and settling payments. Tradelink also provides comprehensive customer support services including technical support and training to all its users. With Tradelink's professional support, Rose Knitting was able to go through a smooth transition from paper submission to electronic submission of trade documents in compliance of Government requirements.

*RTEL service was ceased since abolition of the textiles control system for exports of garments / textiles goods to the US/EU in 2005.


  • Enhances the efficiency and visibility of the trade document submission process
  • Trade compliance data was backed up by Tradelink and data could be recovered easily in case of computer system failure
  • Reliable and quality customer services support to ensure smooth trade compliance operation