Trade & Logistics Trade Compliance


  • Our client is a fashion trading SME which imports Japanese clothing and apparel into Hong Kong. With most of their business operations in Japan, they only have limited staff resource in Hong Kong to take charge of their administrative work including trade declarations lodgement
  • Since the departure of the staff responsible for handling trade declarations work in Hong Kong, they have not been able to lodge their trade declarations to the Government within the required 14-days timeframe. For their late declarations lodgement, the company has to pay a hefty amount of late penalty charges; each case as much as $200


  • Our client finds it not cost effective to hire a replacement staff in Hong Kong to take care of their declaration submissions. However the task is a statutory requirement which needs to be accomplished within 14 days from importation / exportation of goods
  • Due to their resource issue, the company is paying penalty charge up to $200 for each late declaration lodgement


  • Tradelink offers our data entry service to help our client clear their outstanding trade declarations as well as handle their on-going trade declarations
  • Our data entry service includes extracting required data from shipping documents such as invoice and packing list provided by our client through e-mail and inputting the data into the import / export declaration form for the company to submit to the Government within 14 days from shipment of goods


  • Significantly save time and manpower required for trade declarations work to free up resources for business development
  • Comply with government requirements avoiding late lodgement penalty