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Wholly-owned Subsidiaries

Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited

Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited (Digi-Sign), the first and only commercial organization granted status as a Recognized Certification Authority, issues a wide range of digital certificates for the purpose of supporting digital signatures. It also specializes in the development and provision of online/mobile security services and solutions supporting identity management (IDM) for mitigating identity fraud and as effective mechanisms to address personal identity-related regulatory requirements on financial activities.

Digital Trade and Transportation Network
Digital Trade and Transportation Network Limited (DTTNCo) specializes in the development and provision of supply-chain electronic solutions that facilitate and integrate workflows of the stakeholders in the trade and logistics industries; enhancing their operational efficiency.

VSHIP Limited
VSHIP Limited operates VSHIP which is a Community Logistics Platform with an aim to streamline the supply chain process and facilitate the interaction among shippers, freight forwarders and carriers. The platform enables shippers and service providers to digitalize and process all required shipping documents thus enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the shipping process.

Tradelink PayTech Solutions Limited
Tradelink PayTech Solutions Limited, formerly named Tradelink E-Biz Secure Solutions Limited (TESS) specializes in the development and provision of solutions that facilitate electronic fund transfer through various payment methods and a wide range of value-adding applications.