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Hotline Service

Tradelink provides a comprehensive and trilingual Customer Service Hotline service which operates around-the-clock, throughout the year including public holidays. The hotline number is 2917 8888.

An Interactive Voice Response System is available to handle some common customer requests, for example checking the message status of Trade Declaration (TDEC) & Certificate of Origin (CO) transactions, or requesting billing information. Customers can also use this system to request various service change forms which will be faxed to them automatically.

Alternatively customers can speak directly to a Customer Service Representative, who will be able to "talk them through" common operational enquiries over the phone. More complex problems will be referred to a technical support team who will explain our solutions to the reported problem.

To use the Interactive Voice Response System, please follow the simple steps as below:

Step 1:
Dial 2917-8888 (Customer Service Hotline)
Step 2:
Select language:
(1) Cantonese
(2) English
(3) Mandarin
Step 3:
Select the requested service:
(1) Check message status of TDEC, CO and billing information
(2) Request a fax form
If you wish to talk to a Customer Service Representative directly, please press (9)