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Membership Rewards Program

The Membership Rewards Program is designed to offer our privileged customers the opportunity to redeem exciting gifts with bonus points earned from using Tradelink electronic services.
All Tradelink customers are automatically members of the Tradelink Membership Rewards Program, only the Nominated Representative of your company can make the redemption request. If you do not have a nominated representative, please complete the online Nomination Form.
Bonus Points
Customers earn one bonus point for every dollar paid for Tradelink services. Before redemption, please check your Bonus Point Balance with your Login ID and Password.  Bonus points are valid up to 2 years.
Gift Catalog
To redeem gifts, browse through our Gift Catalog to select gift items of your choice and follow the online instruction to complete the redemption request. You may also look up the details in the Guide to Gift Redemption.

Please call 2917 8888 for more information.