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Biometric Authentication Solutions
User-generated passwords can be easily forgotten, guessed and stolen. Biometric authentication provides an effective way to prove the true identity of an individual using his / her unique biological attributes. It is considered one of the foremost technologies paving the way for the future of data security while leveraging on mobile convenience. To meet the growing demand of biometrics authentication for mobile banking, Tradelink has developed value-added services integrated with one of the most advanced biometric products in the market to help banks offer applications that comply with government regulations and guidelines to combat money laundering and protect privacy data. With our integrated solutions, banks can adopt biometric authentication applications to support Know Your Customer (KYC) processes that verify customers identify without face-to-face and high-risk transactions on mobile devices.
  • Biometric product adopts FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) standard
  • Biometric authentication can be contained and processed on users' own mobile devices
  • Support face, voice and fingerprint as biological attributes for authentication
  • Support more than one biometric authentication for particularly high risk transactions
  • Identify fraud and prevent customers from falsifying identities to takeover account or open multiple accounts
  • Establish concrete audit trails and provide enhanced security on particularly risky transactions
  • Offer security with mobility and convenience