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Certificate of Origin

The objective of the certificate of origin (CO) system in Hong Kong is to facilitate Hong Kong's exports to foreign markets. The Export (Certificates of Origin) Regulations of the Import and Export Ordinance (Cap. 60) empower the Director-General of the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department (TID) to issue the Certificates of Origin (COs) in accordance with the stipulated Rules of Origin for any items manufactured, processed or produced in Hong Kong and have been or are about to be exported from Hong Kong. Apart from TID, the certain Government Approved Certification Organizations (GACOs) are authorized to issue CO. These COs have the same legal status as those issued by the TID.

Tradelink's CO service allows customers to apply electronically to Trade and Industry Department or one of the five GACOs (which include the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong) for CO and Certificate of Hong Kong Processing (CP).
  • Support different types of CO application
    Users can electronically apply Certificate of Origin (CO); Certificate of Hong Kong Processing (CP); Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - CEPA and Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - New Zealand. When preparing the application, users can simply select their preferred issuing organization from a pull-down list.
  • Less Rekeying
    Users can complete an application and generate a corresponding document (Request for manufacturer declaration (RMD) to manufacturer or manufacturer information (MI) to exporter) as necessary to their trading partners via Tradelink system. Upon receipt of the RMD/MI, the trading partners can use the document received to prepare and submit the manufacturer declaration (CO MD) or CO application (AP) to TID or GACO through Tradelink.
  • Comply with trade regulations
  • Enjoy greater convenience with round the clock service
  • Ensure accuracy avoiding duplicate data entry

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