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Digital Warehousing Solutions

Tradelink Digital Warehousing Solutions are a suite of modular, customizable, turnkey solutions that enable warehouse operators, distribution enterprises and 3PL service providers to operate and manage their warehouse with business intelligence, robotics automation and AI. Our solutions aim to help our clients to enhance inventory accuracy, productivity, on-time deliveries and forecasting. Our Digital Warehousing Solutions include:
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Warehouse Execution System
  • Automated Material Handling Solutions
  • Warehouse Design Consultancy
  • Real-time inventory tracking through mobile devices
  • Inventory movement planning using business intelligence
  • Replenishment management
  • Reverse logistic management
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Auto cost calculation & estimation
  • Customized dashboards and Intuitive Interfaces
  • Advanced-analytic algorithms for inventory management
  • Support integration with the latest technologies such as pick/put-to-light, voice-directed picking and robotic AGVs
  • Improve inventory visibility and accuracy
  • Maximize labor productivity and space utilization
  • Facilitate better planning and control
  • Reduce on hand inventory and optimize just-in-time (JIT) inventory replenishment

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