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Connecting buyers, suppliers and forwarders, Tradelink's eDoc provides an application framework for stakeholders to manage, share and exchange electronic documents amongst themselves. Applications supporting business processes such as Order Management, Shipping Document Management and Shipment Management can be implemented on the eDoc framework. eDoc helps stakeholders in the supply chain to streamline workflows and business operations hence improving overall operational efficiency and enhancing business performance.
  • Order Management: orders receiving, checking, validation and consolidation for subsequent processing
  • Shipping Document management: shipping document creation, data inheritance, and document checking and validation
  • Shipment management: Documents set per shipment handling, cross documents validation and exchanges with forwarders
  • Digital signature on all documents for confirming the authenticity of the senders
  • Document backup, archive and restoration
  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Maximize operating efficiency and reduce cost
  • Improve data accuracy and time saving
  • Provide user-friendly interface for suppliers operation
  • Provide a centralized document repository that facilitates document retrieval
  • Enable better business planning: Provide 360 view on entire business lifecycle for better planning of customs clearance, inventory fulfillment, delivery logistic and sales activities
  • With integration, can extend from document management to customs clearance and payment settlement

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