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Insurance-link Service

Insurance-link Service provides a convenient and cost-effective means for importers / exporters to acquire cargo insurance instantly. Using this one-stop solution with user-friendly web interface, customers can complete the whole process from obtaining quotation, settling payment and receiving cover note within minutes through several simple online steps.

The service launched in collaboration with CMA Insurance Agent Limited (CMAIAL) revamps conventional cargo insurance application flow with attractive rate and minimum premium, safeguarding your financial well-being in any losses of or damages to your goods during transits.

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  • One-stop solution
    Insurance-link provides user a convenient way to acquire cargo insurance and settle payment via a user-friendly web interface
  • Round-the-clock service with quality support
    Supported by state-of-the-art technology platform and experienced customer service professionals, user can acquire policy online 24 hours a day, year round, including holidays, with confidence and ease of mind
  • Flexible and convenient payment methods
    Besides using their Tradelink account to settle payment, user can choose to pay by credit card to suit your operational needs
  • Favorable rates and minimum premiums
  • Extensive protection for a wide range of commodities, covering worldwide major destinations and different types of transportation mode
  • Outstanding service pledges including free delivery of original policy by post and wide network of branch offices in major commercial areas providing customer service

Please call Tradelink hotline at 2917 8888 for general enquiries.
Please call CMAIAL hotline at 2390 9811 for insurance related enquiries.