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PayTech Solutions
Our solutions enable merchants to accept credit card payments and e-wallet based transactions with ease and security. We provide one-stop solution from hardware (kiosk, vending machine and credit card reader), application to system integration and telemetry management service.

One of our featured solutions for secure payment is a single platform that combines POS and Smart Terminal (on which 3rd party value-added business applications can be developed). This solution which supports O2O business, allows retailers to process payment (including credit card / Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / WeChat Pay / AliPay / loyalty point / coupon / local SVFs) and manage supply chain, customer relationship, logistics functions with application installed on that one single device.
  • All-in-one device combining POS and smart terminal
    In addition to payment processing, manages supply chain through customized applications
  • Support various payment options
    Accept payments with tap, chip or swipe (including credit & debit card, Alipay, Wechat, Tap&Go, TNG, QRcode payment, ApplePay and AndroidPay)
  • Versatile deployment
    Can be deployed in a wide variety of manners, such as self-service vending machines, Pay@Table, and mobile device for delivery service
  • Provide a wide range of flexible secure payment options with our solution partners
  • A single device that integrates POS function with customized business applications
  • Provide easier and more convenient payment experience to end customers

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