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Recognized Certificates

Tradelink's wholly owned subsidiary, Digi-Sign, carries on the business of a Recognized Certification Authority. As a Recognized Certification Authority, Digi-Sign issues certain classes of certificates recognized by the Government Chief Information Officer under section 22 of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553). The issuance of the recognized certificates is governed by the Certification Practice Statement that Digi-Sign publishes on its website from time to time.
Recognized certificates are issued to individuals and organizations under the brand name of "ID-Cert" for the purpose of supporting:
  • Digital signature for the conduct of legally binding electronic transactions
  • Electronic authentication of the identity of subscribers
  • Encryption and decryption for ensuring the confidentiality of messages
There are currently 10 classes of recognized certificates as below:
  • Personal ID-Cert Class 1
  • Organizational ID-Cert Class 2
  • Encipherment ID-Cert Class 3
  • Organizational ID-Cert Class 5
  • Governmental ID-Cert Class 6
  • Governmental ID-Cert Class 7
  • Personal ID-Cert Class 8 (with MR status and AATL recognized)
  • Organizational ID-Cert Class 9 (with MR status and AATL recognized)
  • Personal (Banking) ID-Cert Class 10 (AATL recognized)
  • Organizational (Banking) ID-Cert Class 11 (AATL recognized)
  • ID-Cert Class 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 are for digital signature whereas ID-Cert Class 3 and 7 are for encryption/decryption.
  • MR stands for Mutual Recognition of Electronic Signature Certificates Issued by Hong Kong and Guangdong.
  • AATL stands for Adobe Approved Trust List.
Recognized certificates can be used in a range of services such as Government e-services, online banking, online trading and other services involving exchange of electronic documents, such as
  • Government-to-Business services (e.g. Government Electronic Trading Services)
  • Government-to-Employee services (e.g. Police Smart Warrant Card System)
  • Government-to-Citizen services (e.g. Application for Renewal of Vehicle Licence and eTax)
  • Business-to-Business services (e.g. secure e-mail exchanges)
  • Business-to-Consumer services (e.g. online shopping)
  • Cross-border initiatives (e.g. Pilot for Mutual Recognition of Electronic Signature Certificates Issued by Hong Kong and Guangdong)
  • Online banking services (e.g. e-Cheque services provided by banks)
  • Provide strong authentication of the identity of subscribers
  • Provide non-repudiation for electronic transactions
  • Provide message confidentiality through encryption / decryption
  • Digital signatures are protected by ETO
  • Recognized certificate (with MR status) can be used in cross border transactions between HK and Guangdong
  • Recognized certificate (AATL recognized) can be used to generate trusted signatures in Adobe PDF document
Customer service for the issuance of Digi-Sign recognized certificates has been accredited ISO 9001 Quality Certificate since 2004.

Furthermore, recognized certificates issued by Dig-Sign are being adopted by the cross border mutual recognition scheme under the Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance.

Please call 2917 8833 or visit Digi-Sign's Website for more information.