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Security Tokens
In form of a physical device or software application, a security token is carried by its owner for proving his/her identity in an electronical environment. As something which the owner possesses, a security token provides an additional (possession) factor for authentication or authorization on top of user ID and password (knowledge factor). Security tokens are commonly used for enhancing security of e-banking transactions.

As two factor authentication for e-banking services, our token fully meets the security requirements demanded by banks for conducting high-risk online banking transactions. As a total solution to banks, we provide more than just the tokens but a managed service for administering the entire token life cycle with the following functions.
  • Token assignment & authentication
  • Token delivery & tracking
  • Token inventory management
We offer different form factors of security tokens as follows to cater for specific user requirements:
  • Hardware tokens
  • Contact and contactless smart cards and card readers
  • Software tokens for mobile device
  • Comply with open standards and banking & finance guidelines in the region
  • Proven solution with solid reference cases
  • Total solution and service for token lifecycle management
  • Provide strong authentication for secure online authorization
  • Protect users against unauthorized access from cyber criminals
  • Defend against fraud and scam in e-commerce
  • Total token management solution helps clients to save administrative work and costs to manage tokens