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Super SSL Certificates

Digi-Sign issues worldwide recognized SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates, namely Super SSL Certificates. SSL Certificates provide solid proof of identify of web server or domain name delivering confidence in the integrity and security of transactions. Digi-Sign's Super SSL Certificates are governed by the Super SSL Certification Practice Statement.

SSL is the standard security technology to ensure all data passed between a web browser and a web server are encrypted and remain confidential. SSL is used by millions of websites (i.e. e-banking and online shopping) for protecting online transactions through a SSL secure tunnel. In order to generate a SSL secure tunnel, the web server requires a SSL Certificate. 
  • Internet Server Certificate
  • Wildcard Server Certificate
  • Worldwide recognized SSL certificate trusted by all popular browsers
  • High ubiquity covering mobile handset environment
  • Simple application procedure
  • Comprehensive local technical support
  • Attractive pricing and billing arrangement with four week money back guarantee
  • Unlimited free re-issuance policy within the certificate validity period
  • Inspire more online transactions through website authentication and data encryption
  • Give a trust seal that instills more trust to website users customers
  • Provide a means to authenticate web sites that guard against phishing attacks

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