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Tradelink AMS / ACI

Tradelink's Automated Manifest Service (AMS) for US Customs/ Advance Commercial Information (ACI) for Canadian Customs offers a complete solution which shippers, carriers, and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) can use to submit cargo information to the U.S. / Canadian Customs Departments 24 hours prior to the lading of US-bound/ Canadian-bound cargoes at foreign ports.

Tradelink's AMS / ACI service facilitate shippers, carriers and NVOCCs in their compliance with the U.S. / Canadian Customs' 24-hour rule.
  • Interconnection with customs authorities
    Interconnected with the relevant network/ system of the US /Canada Customs authority, the service facilitates the advanced electronic submission of manifest information of shipments departing from Hong Kong.
  • Comprehensive Features
    Users can prepare and submit maritime cargo manifest information to relevant authorities in an accurate and timely manner using features such as e-mail notification, import/export interface, document amendment and move voyage.
  • Comply with U.S. / Canadian Customs rules
  • Enjoy greater convenience with round the clock service
  • Ensure accuracy avoiding duplicate data entry

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