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Transport and Distribution Solutions

Tradelink Transport and Distribution Solutions are a suite of modular, customizable, turnkey solutions that helps companies to optimize their delivery operations. Our Transportation Management System embedded with AI facilitates delivery scheduling, routing and planning. Coupled with milestone updates, mobility and proof of delivery, our solution can help our client to enhance delivery efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Our Transport and Distribution Solutions include:
  • Transportation Management System
  • Milestone Updates (Track and Trace)
  • Mobility (Final Mile Visibility)
  • Proof of Delivery (Sign on Glass)
  • Delivery Order Scheduler
  • Delivery route planning and optimization based on pre-defined algorithm
  • Real time delivery status track and trace
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • User friendly mobile app that meets trucker's operation needs
  • Real time electronic proof of delivery
  • Support multiple map engines
  • Automated billing process
  • Plan effective and efficient delivery routes & schedules
  • Provide accurate indisputable proof of delivery to reduce customer complaints
  • Effective management of voluminous delivery orders with accuracy
  • Statistical reports for performance measurement and efficiency improvement
  • Streamlined operation flow to reduce job order cost
  • Provide accurate fleet tracking and delivery progress monitoring

Tradelink's Transportation Management System deployed for a leading F&B company to handle over 500 drop point deliveries daily for its 1,000 stores in Hong Kong

Tradelink developed and deployed our Transportation Management System embedded with AI to cater for the complex operation requirements of a renowned food & beverage group in Hong Kong.

In the past, to schedule the on-time delivery of temperature controlled food items and various sundry items to over 500 drop points daily to support operations of their outlets all around Hong Kong manually while constrained by the busy city traffic, parking and delivery time window for each outlet was an everyday challenge to our client. Without a clear visibility of the real-time delivery status, the group also has difficulty to manage the performance of the 3PL companies responsible for the deliveries.

Our Transportation Management System embedded with AI not only can help them to schedule the most efficient routes based on the requirements and known constraints with refinement using Big Data, but also learn from drivers' actual experience based on practical road conditions. Comparing the deviation of the system scheduled routes with the actual routes used by drivers, our system will learn and apply the logics where appropriate in subsequent scheduling. Upon deployment of our solution, visibility of their deliveries has been improved by 95% and efficiency on route planning by 50% resulting in a cost reduction of 30%.

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