Tradelink has a steadfast commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We strive to do the right things for our customers and the community we served, helping to build a prosperous and healthy society. In celebration of our 35th Anniversary, we are collaborating with a number of charity organizations to hold a series of CSR activities of various nature which we invite our customers to join to bring love to the society!

We will publish the details of our ‘Tradelink Cares’ CSR activities in due course. Stay tuned. We look forward to seeing you in these activities!

Past event

Organic Farming Experience with Produce Green Foundation

Over 35 Tradelink customers joined our team to visit Produce Green Foundation's first-in-Hong Kong educational organic farm on a sunny morning on 9 December 2023. Through hands-on experience of farm work and making our own organic bread on that day, we learnt a lot about the values and benefits of organic agriculture. Participants also received a potted plant kit as a gift kindly offered by Produce Green Foundation which enabled them to continue practicing organic planting at home.

Animal shelter volunteer day at House of Joy & Mercy

On 28 October 2023, around 15 Tradelink customers and staff participated in the animal shelter volunteer work held at House of Joy & Mercy, where over 250 animals including dogs, cats, goats and turtles were rescued and cared for. Our volunteers made an effort to contribute to the animal shelter by assisting the cleaning of the kennels and caring of the animals. The event raised participants' awareness of the pet abandonment issue in Hong Kong.

Ocean Park Conservation Tour organised with Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCF)

Around 40 Tradelink customers joined the Ocean Park Conservation Tour we co-organised with OPCF on 22 July. The event included a guided tour of the Hong Kong Marine Life Stranding and Education Centre ("HKMLSEC"). During the tour, conservation work for stranded marine life within Hong Kong waters was introduced. We also have a chance to take a behind-the-scene tour to witness the daily care routine of seals at Ocean Park. The event raised participants' awareness of the threats from human activities on marine life and the importance of conservation efforts.

Dog volunteer event with Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation (SKSFF)

On 20 May, over 20 Tradelink customers and colleagues joined the dog volunteer event held at SKSFF Shelter where over 150 stray, abandoned, sick and injured dogs were rescued and provided with medical care and rehabilitation. Our volunteers aided with dog walking and assisted in preparing meals for the dogs and cleaning the kennels.

Beach Cleanup with Plastic Free Seas

The beach cleanup event was a success! Over 30 participants took part in the event and according to Plastic Free Seas, the organizer, we achieved remarkable results with the following waste removed from the beach and the rocks at Sam Pak Wan, Discovery Bay in 2 hours on 18 March:

  • 68 kg of waste
  • 77 plastic bottles (66 recyclable)
  • 10 masks