Banking and Finance Identity Management

Using Tradelink’s TD-Sign solution, we aim to develop Speedy Global Sign as a convenient and secure remote document signing platform that supports cross-border legally-binding document exchange, facilitating business transactions within GBA.

Guanfu Consume Financial Information Technology Co., Limited


  • Our client, Guanfu Consume Financial Information Technology Co., Limited, a Fintech solution provider based in Shenzhen, China has developed a third-party platform for a Certification Authority (CA) in China that provides remote contract signing service within mainland China
  • Leveraging its experience, Guanfu planned to extend its business by building a similar platform, Speedy Global Sign, that supports remote cross-border contract signing, such as employment contract, tenancy agreement within the Greater Bay Area
  • Guanfu was looking for a CA partner in Hong Kong that issues recognized digital certificates for identification and enables remote signing service on Speedy Global Sign to be in compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements in Hong Kong

Project Objectives

  • As remote working has become increasingly common in the post pandemic era, Guanfu’s remote document signing platform, Speedy Global Sign, aims to help businesses adapt to the new normal and enhance business efficiency
  • As handwritten and paper-based signatures can be easily forged and difficult to preserve, Guanfu identified a high demand for digital signatures which could provide enhanced authenticity and traceability
  • Through promoting digital signing, Speedy Global Sign also helps businesses improve ESG performance by reducing paper consumption and carbon footprint

Our Solution

  • Integrated with Speedy Global Sign’s online platform and its mobile app, our solution enables ICAO passport holders to apply for digital certificates recognized in Hong Kong, namely Personal (Remote) ID-Cert Class 12. Through e-Passport verification and facial recognition, the digital certificate can be remotely issued to applicant.
  • With the use of Personal (Remote) ID-Cert Class 12, users can perform secure and legally-binding digital signing for cross-border contract documents on the Speedy Global Sign platform
  • Issued by Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited (Digi-Sign), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tradelink and the only commercial Recognized CA under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (ETO) (Cap 553) in Hong Kong, our Personal (Remote) ID-Cert is trusted by the relevant Adobe products under the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)


  • Enables efficient and secure cross-border document signing in compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements in Hong Kong and international standards
  • Reduces paper usage to enhance ESG performance
  • Provides audit trail and enhance traceability of the signing process
  • Provides one-stop onboarding and signing solution to end users to enhance user experience

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