Trade & Logistics Intelligent Supply Chain
*Successfully granted funding under TVP


  • Our client is a leading snack food retail chain with about 100 outlets in Hong Kong and also an owner of multiple properties such as offices and service apartments
  • They have over 50 tenants with different billing cycles from daily, weekly to monthly rent


  • Having a large amount of bills and related documents to be processed every day, our client had been struggling with manpower issue to deal with tedious administration and accounting work
  • The client did not have an existing billing management system and relied on using Excel for billing management which is inefficient and the functions are limited


  • Tradelink provided a comprehensive Billing Management System to the client that, based on predefined algorithms, automatically calculates and issues rent bills including water and electricity charges to different tenants according to their billing contracts
  • The system supports multiple currencies and languages for tenants from different backgrounds
  • The system can generate customized reports for accounting and other purposes


  • Saves time and manpower required for data entry and billing calculation by 50%
  • Reduces paper usage by 80%
  • Easier report generation for business analysis

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