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  • In this project, Tradelink was appointed by Koruru Limited, a subsidiary company of Uni-China Group, to develop a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to empower its sister company Tahuhu’s cold chain logistics business.
  • The solution is deployed at Tahuhu’s cold storage warehouse which is the first automated cold storage warehouse in Hong Kong

Project Characteristics

  • Tahuhu would like to apply smart system and technology to address the long-standing issues faced by the cold chain logistics industry. These include poor cold chain setup and management, heavy reliance on manual processes, manpower shortage, difficulties in operations monitoring. By integrating Professional Cold Chain Management, Intelligent Automation & System, and Sustainability, with the use of data analytics, IoT and AI Robotics, Tahuhu aims at providing the best total solution to all stakeholders

Tradelink Solution

  • We offer our WMS that integrates with Tahuhu’s hardware vendor’s AI robotic solution to help Tahuhu set up an intelligent automated cold storage warehouse operation.
  • Our cloud-based WMS together with the use of handhelds and barcodes support the specific operational requirements of cold storage warehouse, such as digital catch-weighting (抄碼) and storage location management of different temperature zones
  • Our WMS is the middleware to manage the automated material handling equipment provided by hardware vendor to perform goods-to-man picking and high-density storage
  • Our solution also includes a Transportation Management System (TMS) module that offers intelligent fleet routing and scheduling capabilities powered by AI and Big Data to support Tahuhu’s day-to-day distribution operations
  • Connected with IoT devices, our WMS/TMS can track the order / good status throughout the whole process from storage to delivery
  • Integrated with Tahuhu’s customer portal, our WMS/TMS provides real-time and accurate updates on inventory and delivery status accessible by its customers to facilitate logistics management


  • Enhanced warehouse operation efficiency with streamlined and automated warehouse operation
  • Alleviate manpower shortage issue
  • Enhance control and customer experience with real-time inventory and logistics data accessible from the customer portal

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